Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bags and Beanies

Hey guys!
Remember how we were away for a short trip during Merdeka weekend. Well, guess what during our insanely short trip, we managed to shop! And shop we did! We brought back some awesome bags & beanies for you guys!
Check them out!

Bags bags bags!
When I first saw these bags as I was walking down the street I was like. OMG! These are SO CUTE! I have to get them! And got them I did! I am very pleased with myself and I seriously hope you guys are pleased as well, because come on, look at these bags! Aren’t they totally adorable! And don’t tell me you don’t love the bright cheery colours they come in as well! These bags can be used as a oversized clutch, a shoulder bag or a slingbag. Hello! Can you say versatility!
design 1 – pink, yellow (sold)
design 2 – blue,  pink (sold)
design 3 – red, yellow, purple, pink, blue (sold)
RM45 | SGD20 | USD15
To order, remember to state which design you want and the colour as well. :)

And just for size reference, below is a photo of the bag against my pillow and the bags being modeled. As you can see, the bags aren’t too big, they won’t fit A4 folders or anything of that sort, but they will indeed be perfect for brightening up any outfit!
Yes, I know. I went a little purple crazy with the wall, pillows and bag.

Next up, Beanies!
Now in case you guys didn’t know, I’ve actually been searching high and low for adorable and affordable beanies. So imagine my delight when I found these on my short trip! For the beanies, I managed to find 2 types: the simple plain ones and the stripe ones! Personally, I like them all!!! But then you know me, I’m a sucker for pink. So I kept a neon pink one for myself! Teeheehee! Trust me, if it were solely up to me, I’d keep them all!!
Oh, and on an unrelated note, my BFF says I look like Namewee in the Mint coloured beanie. What do you guys think?
Double oh, can you tell in the last photo I am shamelessly trying to show off my awesome nail colour! Teehee!

For the plain beanies, the colours available are below.
neon pink, black, white, bright orange, lilac (sold)
light pink , grey, dusty pink , medium pink, mint, red (sold)
RM35 | SGD15 | USD12

For the striped beanies, the colours we have are…

shades of grey, pastels (sold)
light candy cane, dark candy cane (sold)
RM35 | SGD15 | USD12

Now just in case the beanies haven’t quite convince you how awesome they are. Here are photos of celebrities doing the beanies! Gosh, I love how it just brings an outfit together!

And that’s all for now!
Till next time! :)

Ps: Do note that these items are all imported and non-restockable. Happy shopping! :)