Sunday, August 15, 2010

When all else fails, talk about the weather

Happy colours for a rainy Sunday! I love colours. Really, I do. But then if you have been following the blog, you will know that I love colours! Or if you haven’t, just scroll down a little and you will see my expressed love for colour with the Malibu Barbie Shoot. So taking a step back from something so loud and bright, we bring to you something still colourful (of course!) but a little lighter and softer in shade as well.

Gosh. I am so excited about this batch because I love so many items in it! And in no apparent order of loves, here are the wonderful pieces! :)

Gosh. When I first saw this dress, I totally fell in love with the dipped ombre colours! The colours really remind me of John Galliano’s Haute Couture for Christian Dior! It’s so pretty! There are really no words to express how much I love this dress, I know I say this a lot but sometimes when you see an outfit, and it’s so lovely that there are just no correct words to accurately describe how you feel about it. But anyways, a few technicalities about the dress. The bust is entirely smocked, the straps can be hidden to be a tube or tied up as a halter/spaghetti strap/cross back etc., the dress is made out of the prettiest peekaboo daisy pattern that is dipped into the loveliest of shades. Truly this maxi dress is something special in all it’s simplicity.
pink+blue (sold)
yellow+orange (sold)
pink+purple (sold)

Moving on from something long, loose and lengthy. We bring to you something short, fun and sassy!
On a hanger this dress doesn’t look like much, but the moment you slip it on, the way this dress hugs at your every curve is truly sensational! A semi low cut v-neck paired with a modest boat neck back paired with the long sleeves takes this dress just another step up from the otherwise typical plain tops. The sexy twisted detail at the bust also lends a little helping hand to those that are not so blessed in the chest. :) After all, details at the bust always enhances it and adds a little more volume when there is few. :) So what are you waiting for, this is the little long sleeve dress that you need!
black (sold)
light pink (sold)
grey (sold)

Back to maxis! :)
Not quite into the soft and sweet maxi, then fret not for this maxi comes awesomely ripped! And hidden in the rips are fun vintage floral patterns! Yes, I love flowers as much as I love colours! :) Not quite your usual maxi, it kinda reminds me of a really long tank top but with a fun slit at the back (for walking purposes) and hidden little floral patterns in the rips. Too cute I say! After all, how often is it that you get to see a ripped cotton maxi!
nude (sold)
brown (sold)
grey (sold)

Don’t know if you guys are a fan of True Blood but I am! And when I saw this halter, I was like ‘It’s so Sookie Stackhouse!’ If you watch TB you will notice that Sookie has the most adorable outfits ever! I love her style! It’s cute, fun, flirty & fresh! Love it to bits! And with this top I am getting one step closer to having a closet with a southern charm. Loves!
dark (sold)
light (sold)

So cute! So cute! So cute! Was my reaction to this pair of shorts when I saw it hanging at the supplier’s. The first colour I saw was the pink, and then they should me ALL the colours! I was like, oh no, oh no, oh no! I can’t pick the colours! So as usual, being the shopaholic that I am. Buy all the colours la! :) But I must admit, personally my favourite is pink, black, dark blue and I think the light blue & medium blue too! Sigh, you see my dilemma? I can’t pick! I like them ALL!
light blue (sold)
medium blue (sold)
navy blue (sold)
pink (sold)
black (sold)

And that’s all for now! :)
Happy Shopping!

Ps: On a totally unrelated note, I just had to share this video with everyone! It's so cute so cute so cute!!! OMG! Dies. SO cute!!!