Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quick Thanks

I would like to say a quick thank you and give a loud shout out to Eat.Gossip.Shop and Diary Addictions for their awesome review on our Malibu Barbie Collection Part 2!
Edit: 940pm - Just added Blue Margarita as well! 

Florals = love & visible gold zip= vintage-y! And this is me thinking the lazy way... gosh it's easier to take 'em off... just unzip! Not unbutton... and I'm not encouraging laziness okay people!! =P "
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" Uneven handkerchief piece that settles both as a funky pleated tube top;
Or boho beach skirt. ;)
Punched out holes at the hem gives this a lighthearted fun twist. ;D
Totally versatile! "
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" The collection features pretty dresses and cute pieces in bright colors like hot pink and sunny yellow. Very adorable and versatile dresses that are perfect for our hot weather! "
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Man, they seriously got a way with words. 
Thanks guys!