Friday, August 6, 2010

Pop’s Shop – Mini Collection

Hey guys! I’m sure you all know by now who Pop is right? Well, if you don’t then just very briefly she is my BFF/Photographer/Helper/Coolie/Shopper and basically everything under the sun. And now, she has created her own little Handmade Shop called Pop’s Shop.

Without further delay, let me introduce to you our first collection! :)

Wire hair bands!
Tired of seeing the limited choices around, we decided to make our very own! There’s nothing you can’t do with a flexible wire hair band. These hair bands have gotta be one of the most versatile items on the planet! Wear them with the ends pointed down for a typical smooth hair band look, or wear it with the 2 ends pointing to the ceiling to give it that oh-so-adorable rabbit ear look. Hey, you can even wear these across your forehead like a bandana! And if you want to give your ponytail a little colour, just wrap it around your hair. The things you can do with this band is endless, oh! You can even wear it as a chunky bracelet! :)
light pink, nude pink, med pink(sold)
ethnic red, floral red , floral yellow (sold)
1 for rm9
2 for rm15
3 for rm20
All can be remade except for ethnic red.

Next up on the list we have Pop’s very first knit ring! You’ve seen them plastic rings, metal rings, all sorts of rings. But how many rings can you say are knitted and handmade, and totally limited in pieces! Not only do we have rings, but we’ll be introducing scarves and beanies soon! There will be a whole lot more knitted items to be showcased in the future!
And hey, knit isn’t just for older people, if you haven’t already heard, they are an upcoming trend this Autumn/Winter! We know Malaysia is a warm country, so we are trying to introduce knit in a way that is totally wearable and not the -it’s-so-hot-I-am-melting sweater kinds. :)
black grey

Please note that these are our first batch of items, so they probably won’t be perfect just yet (but fret not, with practise we’ll get there!) and as a result we won’t exactly recommend them for fussy buyers. If you don’t mind a little extra thread or a teeny tiny mistake then by all means, do shop! Cos even though they aren’t perfect yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly cute!

Hope you love them as much as we do! :)