Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Malibu Barbie Collection Part 2

Hey guys! Yes, I know that this collection has been very much delayed, but I have been so busy with the
previous collection that I didn’t quite have the time to do up this one. But fret not, it is now all done and ready! :)
So without further delay, let me present to you our Malibu Barbie Collection Part 2!

One of my favourite dresses of the collection! I love all 3 colours of it! From the snug way this dress will hug your every curve, to the sexy shirred sides, as well as the shoulder baring cut. Sexy is an understatement with this piece!
: Please note that for these 3 dresses the colours are pretty much neon. :) And as such, the camera and computer is unable to accurately capture these colours, so all you have to do is just think of all the neon colours you know and that would be pretty much the colour of these dresses. Shocking I know, but imagine how bold you will look at a party!
d0108: diva
flourescent (sold)
neon orange (sold)
neon pink (sold)

Next up, we have a casual watercolour tiered knit dress. For the past few days, the weather seems to have been warmer than usual, and when days are warm it’s always good to pull on a simple lightweight dress for a day out. No one really wants to be sweating their hair out when they are getting ready for the day. So with a dress like this, not only is it perfect for everyday wear, the fun peekaboo knit bust & strap area makes it perfect for poolside too! And don’t worry, the bust area is line so there will be no show of your bra. :)
d0105: midge
green (sold)
blue (sold)

t0085-02t0085-03 t0085-04t0085-05t0085-06
A fun, flirty asymmetrical tube top or skirt. Or for petites, it’s long enough to be a dress too! This multipurpose outfit comes with spaghetti straps that are adjustable and can totally be hidden should you choose to wear it as a tube or a skirt. They are all lined on the inside so no need to worry about VPL’s. The little hole punched details at the bottom of this outfit makes it totally fun and mischievous! Which colour to pick? I can’t say! I love them all!
Umm. Please ignore the colour yellow that I accidentally wrote on the image. It’s supposed to be white. I don’t know how I could have written yellow. Mmph. Careless me. Btw, this outfit might be restockable. :)
t0085: steffi
pink (sold)
orange (sold)
blue (sold)
purple (sold)
white (sold)

Last but not least, how can Barbie possibly be without floral prints? Especially floral prints on sexy high-waisted shorts! These adorable shorts come smocked at the sides and the back with a gold exposed zipper on the front. Can you say vintage? Especially with the pretty little roses prints! Blue like the ocean, cream like delicious tea with milk, and pink. There is no need to describe pink. I love pink! Go all our retro like what we did for this shoot with low kitten heels, wide gigantic sunglasses and colourful bandanas for our hair!
b0042: devon
blue (sold)
cream (sold)
pink (sold)

And that’s all for our Malibu Barbie Collection! Be sure to check out Part 1, and don’t forget to join our Contest! Gift vouchers up for grabs! :)
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