Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simple Surprises

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with basics, but every once in awhile you would like to be a little different, try something new, add a little shine to your outfit. So here we have exactly that! What would be otherwise very simple pieces of clothing, made unique by just the simplest and smallest of details. An embellishment here. An ornament there. A few well punctured holes. A little gold on your denim.
Too much talk, not enough pictures? Can you tell I’m excited? Because I so am! :)
Now, without further delay, here they are!

First up, we have a sexy shoulder number. A simple white tee with adorned lightly with shoulder details on both sides. From the front, it’s just your everyday basic shirt, but turn to the side and watch the light catch on the little silver tassels. A simple change to a simple shirt. :)
Though of course this was available in 2 other colours, however they got sold out at Urbanscapes. So here’s your last chance at getting a piece of this casual embellished tee.
white  (sold)

Next up on the list we have a boxy little star studded number. Squared shoulders, barely there sleeves paired with a structured boxy shape with a sprinkle of sequins on the shoulders take this otherwise basic collared shirt up a notch! An otherwise would be every other shirt, this one is made different and made to be shined in!
white (sold)
grey (sold)
navy (sold)

I cannot explain it to you, but when I put on this piece I totally felt so military! And hey, isn’t military one of the latest trends now! It’s definitely a different take from the florals we’ve been seeing lately. So if you’re feeling like dressing though today, this is the shirt for you! The holes in the shoulders are actually that! Holes! But fret not, the minimalist of skin can be seen.
army green (sold)
white (sold)
black (sold)

Next up, a little lace top with a long flowing tutu skirt! From the front, the top just looks like every other lace tank around, but from the back it’s just lace all the way! Moderately sexy! If you can even be that! But it’s exactly what this top is. Serious from the front, a party at the back! For work, wear it with a structured blazer, and when it’s happy hour, just take the blazer off and you’re pretty much good to go!
Onto the skirt! If you’re like me and have secret dreams of being a ballerina but never made it to the second class because you didn’t like the pain of the first class. What you can do is, put on a whimsical long tutu skirt and pretend that you are a world renowned ballerina and begin prancing all around the mall (or your room if you’re shy). Don’t forget your ballet flats! And dress them up by lacing ribbons on your shins. If you’re gonna be a ballerina, might as well do the ribboned shoes as well. :)
The skirt has a tulle outside, and 2 inner linings so it is definitely not sheer and when you do your pirouettes, you won’t be flashing the world either. :)
white (sold)
black (sold)

black (sold)

A lovely monochromatic printed tiered floor length skirt. Frankly, I love floor length skirts! It’s girly, it’s fun, it’s comfortable, you don’t have to worry about cross your legs all the time whenever you sit. And I must say one of the best thing about it, is if you’re feeling a little bit lazy (because we all do), you don’t have to worry about your legs if you haven’t umm… attended to them in awhile. :) They’re great for parks, outings, the mall, picnics, they’ll make you look good at the beach (insert wind blowing your skirt and sand between your toes) and one of the most important thing for me, keeping me warm in the cinema! With the length and the material on it, it’s like one giant blanket! :)
black (sold)

We’ve had a lovely long skirt, so naturally we would need to have one that is short and sassy as well! And that’s exactly what this denim skirt is! The sexy corset front, don’t worry you won’t need to undo all the strings as the back has 2 zippers! It hugs you at the slimmest part of your body, and then flares into the prettiest of pleats around your thighs. I don’t know about you guys, but I love a little gold on my denim, so much better than silver, it just stands out!
Do note that to wear this skirt, you’ll have to pull it over your head, kinda like a top and not stepped in from the feet up.
denim (sold)

And that’s all for our post today! Hope you guys like it as much as I do!