Monday, July 5, 2010

Plethora of Accessories

Dear everyone, I have a very serious and sullen confession to make. I. Am. Secretly. (though now not so secretly). Attracted. To. Pretty. Things. That. Go. Bling. Bling. Yes, there I said it. I’m attracted to pretty shiny things! Be it twinkling on your ears, catching the light around your wrist, shimmering on your fingers and toes or hanging boldly on your chest. I love them all! And in fact, the shinier and brighter, all the better!

First up, pretty bangles for your wrist.
Gosh. When I first saw this, I couldn’t quite decide what to pick. There were so many of them! And they were all calling out to me! Saying, ‘Pick me! Pick me!’. So as you can see from the photos above. I picked them. And boy, how happily did I pick them! What I really love about these bracelets is the fact that they come in a pack! So if I choose, I can wear them individual, wear them apart, or wear them all together! I am especially loving the pearls and printed ones! These are absolutely to die for. Best part, they go so well with our gypsy skirts!
silver cuffs (sold)
gold cuffs (sold)
design a (sold)
design b (sold)
design c – gold, silver, white (sold)
design d (sold)
design e (sold)
1 for 29
2 for 55
3 for 60

Long charming necklaces.
Okay, though I will admit that these are not quite as shiny as the said bracelets, but it is very good to balance things out with muted, antique looking pieces. And I love these to bits! Seriously, my favourite is actually the Star of Paris, but that’s only because I dreamt that I blew up the Eiffel Tower and parachuted down from the an airplane. Needless to say it was one of my favourite and most fun dreams! Which of these necklaces are your favourites?
Psst. Feel free to mix and match the bracelets with the necklaces. :)
star of paris (sold)
keyplate (sold)
framed cage (sold)
capture me (sold)
1 for 29
2 for 55
3 for 60

Shiny rings and plastic flowers for your fingers.
When me and my BFF first saw these rings we were like, ‘WOW! These are Superstar rings!’. So of course, we had to get them! Who wouldn’t want to be a Superstar! Not me! I’d definitely like to be one. Be it in the field of acting or wow-ing people with my awesome voice! Hey, or even a daughter of a famous Rockstar would do too! I ain’t picky! Sign me up for Superstardom now!
shining star (sold)

Here we are, mixing things up with a little plastic! The best part about plastic rings is that they can come in the brightest of colours and the fun-nest of designs! Like the bright happy yellow and blue flowers versus the dark broody black and white skulls. Though both are two very different looks, that don’t mean you can get them, after all it’s always fun to mix up your look once in awhile. Sunny today, not sunny today. :)
yellow plastk, blue plastk
white plastk, black plastk (sold)

Last but not least, pretty hair accessories.
Big hair accessories. Nothing makes a bigger statement than vamping up your current look with a bold headpiece. A deep chocolate brown structured bow, or a light muted flower. The choice is yours! Personally, I think that the structured brown bow is a lovely change from the soft flimsy bow hairbands out there. And of course, how can you go wrong with a flower in your hair!
brown bow
white bloom
grey bloom

And if big bold statement hairbands are not quite your cup a tea, then take refuge in these simple wire hairbands! Wear them as regular hairbands, as a fun bandana or even to tie up your hair! Or hey, if you don’t feel like wearing them on your head you can always wrap them around your wrist for a happy funky bangle!
funky flowers (sold)
bow me up (sold)

And that’s all for our accessories range! Hope you like them as much as I do! Cos dang, they sure are pretty!
More photos here!