Sunday, July 25, 2010

Malibu Barbie Collection Part 1

If you have been following our Facebook Page, you will realise that I am absolutely and positively in love with bright neon colours! When designers all around started incorporating these loud colours into their 2011 Resort Collection, I was positively delighted! And promptly went out to source for all the in-your-face, fluorescent, plastic colours known to mankind!
Because this is such a loud, plastic look we decided that the only and best way to showcase this is by creating a Barbie theme! After all, she is the Queen of Plastic. Queen of Colours. You can dress her up like nobody’s business yo.

Kick starting the Malibu Barbie Collection, we have a beautiful colour-block halter neck dress. The cleavage area of this dress is beautifully knitted and sewn onto a figure hugging, curve showing dress. The sides of the dress has slight shirred details to make the dress fit and mould to your body even more. The material is super lightweight and stretchy and incredibly comfortable to be in. Now who says, whatever Barbie wears has to be uncomfortable. Not I!
d0107: casey 
pink (sold) 
black (sold)
green (sold)
Please email for restocks. :)

Taking a step back from Hot Barbie, here we have Casual Playsuit Barbie. One of the most adorable playsuits I have ever seen! Made out of lightweight, washed out denim in dark and light, printed with fun polka dots and teeny tiny hearts! Fun, flirty, tube cut playsuit with adorable tiered peek-a-boo lace details. Perfectly casual for a warm sunnday day, cruising in a convertible with the top down and a few of your best buds. :) Not that we have a convertible, but it’s all in the name of fun and make believe right. ;)
b0041: tara lynn
dark dots (sold)
light dots (sold)
dark hearts (sold)
light hearts (sold)

Not your usual corset top. This top is not boned, therefore comfort is ensured. :) It comes with a hidden side zipper, so no need to struggle and undo every single possible hooks/clasps/buttons/ribbons before slipping into this comfy piece. Made out of soft smooth cotton, printed with the happiest and most fun of all floral prints, this colourful floral corset top just screams Playful Barbie! Because of it’s oh-so-flattering cut with it’s oh-so-fabulous print, this top is your perfect companion night or day! :)
t0086: miko
blue (sold)
peach (sold)
red (sold)

Lastly for this collection, we have Vintage Barbie! In beautiful watercolour painted flowers with it’s classic sweetheart neckline, this dress takes you on a short trip back in time. Back when we were younger, all our parents wanted to do was dress us up in itchy scratchy, colourful floral dresses with a sash at the back. I remember, when I was younger I absolutely loved dresses like these, the only sad part was they were few and far between, not to mention the ones that I had somehow or another always ended up really itchy! So now as an adult, I am happy to say that floral dresses I have plenty, and it never hurts to add just another one to your closet, especially one that does not give you the itchies. :)
d0106: bopsy
fire (sold)
ice (sold)

And that’s all we have for our Malibu Barbie Collection. For now. ;)
After all, this is only Part 1. We still have Part 2 coming up so stay tuned and enjoy!
As usual, we have heaps more photos here on our Facebook Page. Though Blogger may limit our post per page, Facebook will not limit our photos. Ngek ngek ngek.

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