Monday, July 12, 2010

Colours for a cloudy Monday

Early this morning it was a nice cold cloudy morning. Perfect for laying in bed and skipping work. Now, how many of you watched last night’s match and decided to take a long lie in today? :)
After a nice long Monday lie in, what better way to brighten your day (or what’s left of it) with a few brightly coloured outfits!

To start, we present to you psychedelic printed plaid shirts!
In the past few post, what we’ve been bringing are single coloured shirts either with minimal shoulder details or none at all. So for a bright change we decided to bring in these lovely happy coloured plaid shirts! The shirts are lightweight and they fit well! The sleeves are just the right length without it being too warm and what can I say, I am majorly attracted to all the psychedelic colours! This is how you do retro without looking like you stepped out of a bad 60’s show! :)
pink psyche (sold)
yellow fever (sold)
magenta green (sold)

Continuing our love for colours, we now present to you one of my favourite pieces! Being an avid fan of long maxi skirts, I can’t help but fall in love with the tiered tints on this simple crumpled skirt! The slow gradient of dark to light is simply magical. It’s definitely a closet must have for those lazy pick me up days! All you gotta do is throw on a simple top, pull on one of these sunshine coloured skirts and you’ll look effortlessly chic! After all, nothing says casual chic like boho. :)
forest (sold)
crimson (sold)
lemon (sold)

We are now taking a short break away from the colours to bring you this very sexy vest!
Available in your most basics, will never fail you colours of black and white, this vest is perfect to dress up any work shirts! The sexy v-neck that’s modestly covered with a layer of chiffon to be tied into a pretty bow or left long and loose as a mock tie. Wear white with a black shirt underneath, wear black with a white shirt underneath or just mix and match it up with different colours and prints! The best part, after hours all you gotta do is take of the shirt inside and you’ve got a great, quick, I’m ready to let my hair down look. :)
white (sold)
black (sold)

Continuing with our colours! :)
Taking a step away from the sexy corporate chic world, we bring you this casual mini skirt! If our previous maxi skirts aren’t your thing (not that I can see why, they’re so comfy!!), here we have a short, whimsical pleated mini! Great to show off your long, long legs! Perfect with simple ballet flats, casual bejewelled strappy sandals, fun peep-toe wedges and even your basic closed-toe pumps! The fashion choices you can throw together with this classic skirt is endless! Best part, the belt comes with and the skirt has belt loops so you can be sure that your belt will not slip and slide! 
moss (sold)
ebony (sold)
cherry (sold)

Last but not least, something you wouldn’t quite expect.
Cargo skirts! I know you all have heard about cargo pants right? Hell, some of you even wear them on a regular basis! After all, the deep pockets and comfy cut make them the perfect companion or any day out! 
Iinstead of pants, we now bring you something even better! Cargo skirts! This one is especially delicious with it’s paperbag pleats around the waist and adorable bow to tighten! Though the cutting may seem a little big for this skirt, but that’s because you’ll be utilising the ribbon to create those lovely paperbag pleats! And one of the greatest thing about this skirt, is the fact that you are free to wear it empire waist, high waist or even at the hips! It is indeed a must have for your closet, after all what are the chances of finding an awesome cargo skirt that you can wear at 3 different levels!
khaki (sold)
coal (sold)
purple (sold)

And that’s all for now! A myriad of choices! How will you pick? 
Good luck, enjoy and most of all have fun with your clothes! :)
And like always, more photos here! :)

On another note, we would like to thank Doodle Shopping for the feature of our Star Studded Structured Shirt and Shiny Jingly Bracelets from our previous post! :) 
Click here to check it out! :) We are madly in love with the doodles btw!!!