Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sex and the City – Carrie Bradshaw

The last of the 4 women from Sex and the City and I must say, she is one of my favourite. Next to Sam of course. ;) Am very much a Sam fan, only cos she’s such a strong, powerful fun person! Moving on from Sam, after all this post is about the star of the show Carrie Bradshaw! Damn, whenever I hear her name I always think fun, quirky, different, interesting, writer, shoe lover, gold Carrie necklace, and of course the list goes on.
So below you will find outfits that are our interpretation of those things. :)

Now, shall we start with something safe or something totally fun, different and quirky?
Let’s go with the latter!
Not one to shy away from something different, this fun polka dotted dress with a tulle overlay totally spells out magical for Carrie! And hey, it comes it 4 delicious ice-cream colours as well!
Oh, and lately what I’ve been seeing around as well is this new, slightly quirky pop of colour which I like to label it Mint. After all, it is a rather lovely shade of mint, though not many people will see it now. But hey, I’m always looking to the future. Anyway you heard it here first, Mint could be the new black!
mint (sold)
chocolate (sold)
strawberry (sold)
hot fudge (sold)

Next on our list, is something a little safer. After all, not everyone is a fashion daredevil like Carrie. :)
A simple, light weight casual floral print dress. And yes, in that slightly different but very interesting can’t decide if you like it or hate it shade. Personally for me, it actually took me awhile to see that hey, this shade of mint is actually quite lovely. It’s sweet, it’s different, it’s interesting and not everyone is wearing it now, totally means I’ll stand out! ;)
This dress was originally available in 2 other colours, but sadly those 2 colours got sold out at our previous bazaar. :(
spring field (sold)

Now, if there’s one thing about Carrie, she’s a real girly girl.
So when I saw this beautiful shocking pink, exposed zipper down the front and cute flare dress, I knew this was the perfect bright pop colour dress I needed to match my pop pink nails! If you find the hot pink a little to bright for you, that’s always the calm muted grey and every classic black! Not to mention, Carrie being a total shopaholic and to her, shopping is cardio! So what better way to window shop than in this fun structured dress!
hot pink (sold)
cool grey (sold)
midnight black (sold)

Okay, don’t know about you guys but I actually kinda find some of Carrie’s attitude and outfits very Rockstar-ish.
Therefore, this series of skirt is meant to channel that. Of course you’re thinking but it’s flowers! With 2 girly tiers! How can it be rockstar-ish? Simple, all you gotta do is back comb your hair a little, slip on a pair of rock & roll boots and work those smokey eyes!
dark blue (sold)
earth green (sold)
black (sold)

Last but not least, the accompanying sash belt!
A pretty, fun chiffon sash belt! Dress it up or dress it down this belt goes both ways! Tie it as a bow in front or wrap the sash all around for a totally elegant chiffon belt!
black (sold)
brown (sold)
white (sold)
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And that’s all for our Sex and the City post! :)
So do you dare to Carrie?

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