Monday, June 21, 2010

KLue Urbanscapes 2010

Hey guys!
Yeap, you heard it right. We’re gonna be at KLue Urbanscapes this year! :)
There’ll be music, performances, art and of course shopping! And a whole lot of shopping at that! Up to 60 different stalls will be there! And so will we!
Seeing as it’s been awhile since our last bazaar, do expect heaps and heaps of new items! From simple tops, to fun hippie skirts, to long maxi dresses, wrist bands, bracelets, rings and everything you can possibly imagine!

Also, we are encouraging everyone to Bring Your Own Bags! No reason to create waste when there’s already so much around. So do your bit for the environment and bring your own bags. :)

Lastly, as this will be an outdoor event, don’t forget to slather on sun block! Or if you happen to be dropping by during the evening, mosquito repellent might be a good idea too. :)

For more info, do visit
For directions, click here. You gotta love Google maps.

So till Saturday it is!
See you guys there!