Tuesday, June 15, 2010


 "I think most of us always have that classic cargo pant or jacket waiting in the closet. Military details have been always around, but not always as obvious as at this moment -- with all the feminine details that have been extremely popular recently, it's the perfect time to layer in that 'boy' element."
- Marissa Webb, J.Crew’s Vice President of Women’s Design.
Read more on this new 2010 trend here.

We’ve just been through a phase with lots of floral, lots of lace so now’s the perfect time to change up the look of these items with a few sexy masculine elements. Utility chic is the word for it.

For a tough take on femininity this year, add a few of these staples to your wardrobe. :)

Ripped long tank.
A lovely long racerback tank with well placed rips is a closet must have! And the best part of this, it’s long enough to be worn as a dress! Yay! Happy times is me! :) Am absolutely loving the material for this top especially! It’s incredibly soft to the touch, the material doesn’t feel to stuffy and it definitely is not the kind to leave you uncomfortable in our hot climate. If you don’t already have a perfect ripped tee, this is the one for you. Or if you already do have one (or a few), there’s nothing wrong with just one other. ;)
grey (sold)
black (sold)

Denim Shorts.

A pair of washed out denim shorts is the perfect staple for any wardrobe. I absolutely LOVE denim shorts. The few I have at the moment fit well on the hips, but when it comes to the butt and thighs, sad to say they don’t hug at all. With these however, as they’ve got a little stretch in them, they are the perfect fit at the hips, the thighs and yes the butt, the butt, the butt! I need all the help I can get in the behind department!
Model wearing size M.
s, m, l, xl (sold)

Now of course, how can we have denim shorts without a blue washed out staple. :) Have I mentioned how much I love denim? Well, I’ll say it just one more time. I love denim!
Model wearing size 28.
25, 26, 27, 28, 29 (sold)

No-fuss boyfriend shirts.
I will tell you, I have been searching for these kinda simple shirts for the longest of time! I went to Forever 21, Cotton On and other similar places but I have never quite found one that I liked as much as these. The ones I found tend to have a slightly thicker material, so if it happens to be a hot humid day, well beware the pits for they sweat. So didn’t quite like them so much. But when I saw these and felt their lightweight cotton I knew I had found the perfect shirt. And when one finds the perfect shirt, one tends to wanna keep them in ALL colours! :)
black (sold)
white (sold)
army green (sold)

Printed puff sleeves shirts.
This is what I would call, a shirt with Jafafaar sleeves. You might ask, why Jafafaar sleeves? Well, cos it reminds me of Jaafar from Aladdin! And yes, I loved the Disney cartoon Aladdin! Always wanted my own flying carpet. Anyway, back to the top, it’s made out of a slightly thicker cotton than the above shirt to give it a bit more fit and structure to it, while the mini smocks at the back gives it a slim hourglass shape.
pink (sold)
black (sold)

There is nothing I love more than stripes. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, love them all! My BFF is always asking me, what’s your obsession with stripes? And I’m like, hello, what’s not to like!
Fall in line with all things nautical this season. Stripes are insanely versatile, so no matter what colour or cut you prefer, it will always be in fashion. Oh, I especially love sailor blue and black/white stripes, especially with long sleeves and a loose cut! I don’t know what it is about these loose long sleeve shirts that I am just so in love with. And hey, if I can be lazy and wear it as a dress, even better! No need for pants! :) Hey, people get lazy too aight!
black (sold)
blue (sold)

And of course, we must have bands bands bands! How can we possibly not have bands to go with this post? It is a must for the whole he-she-it, androgynous thing! Personally, I love the thick bands, but unfortunately being cursed with what my BFF calls ‘cancer wrists’ I unfortunately look, well as you can see… dodgy. It’s not my fault! I don’t ask for my wrist to be that way!
icepick holes (sold)
crisscross (sold)
stitches (sold)
strips (sold)

The lovely thick bands that I look weird wearing! But will do so anyway! YAY! :D
double studs (sold)
double straps (sold)
triple straps (sold)

Just taking a break from all things girly for a moment by adding a few boy features to kick start something new and different. :)