Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bright Summer Swatches

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere! And since, we’re above the equator that makes us the northern hemisphere! As a result, what better way to bring in warm June summer air than this simple perfect summer dress!


When I first saw this dress, the first few thoughts that came to my mind was ‘Gasp! I love that colour! I love the cut! I love the belt! I love the length!’. But honestly, what got my attention the most was the colour! This simply is a simple dress in the most perfect bright summer hues ever!

What with it being summer and warm all the time, this dress being made out of soft breezy cotton, it is totally light weight and airy! Not to mention it’s totally fun and short –for me mid-thigh- length, it is one dress to definitely show off those long slim legs of yours! Psst. Great for afternoons out at the park or the beach!

Available in the richest, deepest, most attractive shades ever! These colours will definitely flatter any skin tone! Cyan; a calm rich cerulean blue, Magenta; a bright deep fuchsia pink, Yellow; the happiest sunshine yellow you’ll ever find, then blackandwhite.

Hahaha I totally ignored describing those 2 colours. But well one mustn't be biased, one must love all colours equally. And honestly, I do love black and white. So here we go, Black and White; a classic beautiful midnight hue with sprinkles of tiny pure white dust. Not that the dresses are polka dotted, but I thought it would be nice if they were both described together. :)


What I am totally loving about this dress is the fact that the cutting of it is loose, so if you’re feeling particularly sluggish or it’s just one of those fat days, and all you wanna do is just relax and chill. This dress is the one for you, the loose cutting is made to hide any possible tummy flaws so you can rest assured that nothing unflattering is gonna peek through.

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Not to mention that it comes with this yummy coffee brown belt for a little cinch in the waist! 
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Closely sewn, a wave of pretty pleats. 

So hurry, get your bright bold summer dress now!
cyan (sold)
magenta (sold)
yellow (sold)
black (sold)
white (sold)

Till next time!
Have a bright bold sun shining summer!

Ps: The Buy 2 Free 1 Sales ends this Saturday. Only 72 hours left! Hurry!