Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Short Shorts Update

If you haven’t already heard, shorts are the in thing for summer, that and loose slouchy tops to go with the shorts (click here to read more)! YAY I say! YAY! What with it being insanely hot all these few months, what we really need is definitely more shorts!
So here we have a very quick short update on a pair of awesome shorts that can be both casual and formal at the same time! :)

Before you view the shorts that we will be proudly presenting you, let me just show you a few pairs that I saw in Zara the other day and was most tempted to buy.
zarapants02 zarapants03
But the one thing that turned me off was as usual the price. Why Zara. Why do you do this to me. Why?
So in a strong effort to make myself feel better, I not-so-happily trotted onto my supplier’s to check out what they have in store for me today. And guess what, they have similar shorts! GO ME!

Good news! These shorts are restockable! :) Will be picking them up on Monday, so if you would like to secure a pair please email your name, address, contact number and the colours you'd like. A deposit is required to secure these awesome shorts!
Sure you can argue that the quality isn’t quite the same, but hey these shorts are not to be messed with! They are made out of thick structured cotton (so you can wear it to work!) and the quality is definitely assured. Plus, at a fraction of what Zara is offering, why not? ;)
thick stripes (sold)
thin stripes (sold)
white (sold)
grey (sold)
free size

Cropped slouchy top for a quick cooling outfit! Especially great for those days when you're feeling particularly lazy but still wanna look good. :)
cream (sold)
grey (sold)
free size

A slightly pleated front and 2 side pockets to stash our things! As well as a smocked back for a comfy fit!

And that’s all for now! Happy browsing! :)
Don’t forget to check out our sale site for more great bargains!

Quick shout out to Xash for her flair with words! :) Check it!