Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City – Samantha Jones

What with the premiere of Sex and the City in Malaysia happening exactly a week away (June 3rd!), how can we not have an update on the very sexy Samantha Jones! And if you haven’t already seen, here’s another SATC trailer. This one is a little different from the previous one. So do take a look! :)
Below you will find 3 different outfits that we feel totally say Samantha Jones!

First up, a little chiffon number for work.
Of course, not one to be conservative, strong and confident Ms. Samantha Jones would totally be strutting her stuff to work in this high neck chiffon piece paired up with a slinky satin belt. Turning heads as she goes after what she wants and usually gets it!
peach (sold)
black (sold)
mint (sold)
cream (sold)

Moving along, one who likes to lounge around looking good.
b0031b0031 b0031b0031b0031b0031
This beautifully tailored chiffon jumpsuit with gorgeous lace detailing along the shoulders is not to be messed with! Choosing lust over love, Samantha Jones is always on the prowl even when she appears to be lounging. After all, would you really mess with a tiger even if she is just lounging around?
white (sold)
grey (sold)
black (sold)

And of course, how can everyone’s favourite sexpot be without a sexy dress for a night out!
After a long day at work, what Samantha likes to do is head on over to the newest, trendiest club with her 3 best friends, sipping a Cosmo and of course, checking out the guys and making sure she’s getting checked back! She is one woman who knows what she wants – and usually gets it. In this low v-neck plunge short dress with a sexy cross back, it totally says, I’m here and I’m ready to conquer!
nude pink (sold)
white (sold)
black (sold)

Lastly, as Samantha would say, I can hear the decadence calling!
So put on your best Samantha outfit and be ready to strut the streets.
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Till next time!
We do after all, have Carrie left. ;)