Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex and the City – Miranda and Charlotte

With Sex and the City just around the corner, well in 2 weeks at least (think June 3rd)! :) How could we possibly not post up a post totally inspired by them? Our own little interpretation of what we think they would wear. Click here to view the trailer!! I’m so excited!
This week we’ll be featuring Miranda the Highflying Corporate Lawyer and Charlotte the sweet Park Avenue Princess.

First up, Miranda!

As a lawyer, mother, wife and cynic it’s a little hard for Miranda Hobbes to do everything, therefore her style tends to lean towards the more simple and elegant look, but it definitely has to be efficient! That’s why we decided that this watercolour asymmetrical hem maxi is perfect for her!
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The top can be worn in a tube, with the straps, or as a halter, when one is as busy as Miranda one has gotta make the most of an outfit will still looking chic. Plus hey, if you’ve seen the trailer you know they visit the Middle East and what better way to dress for the Middle East than in this gorgeous flowing prettily printed maxi!
Nope, you didn’t read wrong it does say fintage. Why? Cos my BFF decided that it looked floral vintage, so fintage it was!
fintage (sold)
splashes of gold (sold)
a lilac trip (sold)
free size

Next, Charlotte!

Charlotte York. Classic and chic with just a hint of neurosis is exactly who she is! Though viewed by some as the most naive of the 4 characters, often believing in the old-fashioned, ‘love conquers all’ idea. This outlook has earned her the nickname Park Avenue Pollyanna by Carrie in one of the narrations.
Because of her optimism and her soft personality we decided that this tube dress with shiny faux gold buttons says Park Avenue Pretty best! There is nothing more classic than a beautiful heart-shaped sweetheart neckline, and the short length makes it totally fun without being too conservative. It’s just a sweet and totally fun dress!
babysbreath (sold)
french stripes (sold)
a bouquet (sold)
ink pink (sold)
free size

Close up of the buttons and a view of the back of the dress.

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Keep checking back for next week’s update on Samantha and Carrie! :)

Cosmo anyone?