Friday, May 21, 2010

People Get Ready

You asked for it. We delivered it. :)
We’ve been receiving mails requesting us to restock our gypsy skirt, but unfortunately that particular design is no longer restockable. However, we did find something similar and in more colours as well! And the absolutely best part about it? It’s Restockable!
Yeap! You heard it! It is restockable. :)

So sit back, relax and enjoy.

First up, a simple classic plain coloured gypsy skirt.
The very classic gypsy skirt. One thing about this skirt is that it should under no circumstances be ironed! Then it’ll lose it’s lovely crumples! The best thing to do is wash it and after it’s dry, take the skirt and roll it up real tight and keep it that way to maintain the crumples. :)
jamming(blue) (sold)
redemption song(yellow) (sold)
waiting in vain(white) (sold)
roots rock reggae(black) (sold)
iron lion zion(orange) (sold)
free size

First of all, I feel that when it comes to certain styles it just won’t go out of style or look dated, no matter what anyone else say! And this bohemian gypsy look is even though only in my heart, it is here to stay! Even if other people disagree, it is going to stay with me and regardless what they think I will proudly wear my colourful skirt out! Along with my headband/turban/beads/bracelets and flipflops!
jamaica rum(blue geometric) (sold)
purple rain(purple geometric) (sold)
lively up yourself(blue abstract) (sold)
sun is shining(yellow abstract) (sold)
free size

And that’s all for now. :)
Hope you love them as much as I did! Cos heck, they sure are fun!

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Pps: If you don’t manage to get a piece in time, fret not restocks are on Wednesday. :)