Friday, April 30, 2010

MOVX Trends

After checking out Vogue’s A-Z Trend Report for Spring/Summer 2010, I was totally inspired to get a few similar-ish pieces. Not that there's any chance of finding couture at any pocket friendly price, but I always find that something similar at a fraction of the price just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. After all, no point shelling out an exorbitant amount of money for a couture piece that you’re probably only gonna wear once, better to have a selection that you can wear many times! ;)
Yes, I’m greedy I know. What to do. How else you think overflowing cupboard came to existence. :)

M is for milkmaids.
A simple smocked bust lace tube dress. Simply pretty. An entirely smocked bust ensures a snug fit which gently skims over your waist into a soft flare of lace. Available in the prettiest of cream and the whitest of white, this dress is the most basics of every lace piece. The versatility of a smocked tube lace dress is endless! Wear it alone, wear it with heavy accessories, throw just a coat over. It’s hard to go wrong with such a pretty piece. :)
cream (sold)
white (sold)
free size

O is for organza.
Organza. Am loving it! Especially black organza over a lovely 3 tiered floral tube frock! I know this is most material not many people are willing to experiment with, but I totally just find that the black gives the entire dress a little bit more edge! Loving the edginess of the dress! From the short sassy length, to the tube top, to the fun bow in the middle and down to the 3 tier skirt! Comes with a side zipper, and smocked back.
spring (sold)
summer (sold)
autumn (sold)
winter (sold)
free size

V is for vintage.
A simple pretty summer frock with the loveliest of prints, with lace trimmings and pearly white buttons down the middle. This piece is definitely perfect for all those lazy summer Sundays, especially with it’s nice loose fit, it’s perfect for tucking in some Sunday Roasts as well.
bluebells (sold)
maiden pink (sold)
free size

X is for X-rated.
Not that there is anything remotely X-rated about this dress, though one can argue that the hem might be a little short, other than that it’s the perfect black piece of peek-a-boo lace you’ll ever find! Sexy show of your shoulders tube, down to a double tiered lace skirt. Black is beautiful. :)
Ps: Black sash not included.
black (sold)
free size

And that’s all for now. :) Hope you enjoyed our short lace and floral post!