Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easy Edge - Dresses

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Love at first sight. A pretty lace piece with an adorable giant bow at the front. If that hasn’t already won you over yet, then the fact that it can be worn both as a dress and a high waist skirt should! How often is it that you can find a lovely lace piece that isn’t too girly and casual for work? But can totally be transformed into something suitable for play! Wear it with a simple collared shirt and you’re good for work, take it off and wear it as a dress and you’re good for play, wear a cami and you’re good for everyday all day! :) So yes indeed, this is love at first sight!
black (sold) 
cream (sold)
grey (sold)
free size

Can I just say, I love this piece but can’t wear it out without a skirt or leggings! Why you might think? Because at 170cm, this beautiful lace stripe dress is TOO short for me! Well, of course if I wanted to wear it I could but I don’t exactly want my behind hanging out every time I walk. So yes, if you happen to be my height, pair’em with a skirt or leggings! And to all of you lucky ones who can wear it as a dress, wear it fierce for me! Cos I can’t. Boos.
And I know alot of people think that horizontal stripes make you look bigger, but that is not the case with this one! The thick lines look nothing but chic! Plus, jailbird is always secretly sexy. ;)
grey+black (sold)
cream+navyblue (sold)
free size

There is nothing but love I feel for this dress! You can totally grunge it up with boots and seriously chunky bracelets or you can dress it down looking all sweet and pretty with simple wedges and dainty accessories! Please do note that this dress is rather delicate so I would suggest that this be hand washed. But hey, if a little hand washing is all it takes to maintain this beautiful dress, I’d do it in a heartbeat! Again, I ask myself, why can’t I keep this dress too!!
Originally this dress came in black as well, but unfortunately it got sold out at the bazaar (no! it wasn’t me!).
pale pink (sold)
white (sold)
free size

d0090d0090 d0090d0090d0090d0090
Because I absolutely cannot get enough of dresses! Especially one that has a bubble hem! One that has prints on the bubble hem! One that has an entirely smocked empire waist (one has to always create the illusion of a slimmer tummy). One that has adjustable straps that can be hidden to be made into a tube! Loves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a fun and frivolous dress!
purple (sold)
black (sold)
white (sold) 
free size

So there we have it! Four awesome dresses that somehow manage to survive the mad times at Euphoria!
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Ps: Accessories coming up tomorrow as my camera battery died and the weather has now turned into a down pour of rain water!