Sunday, April 18, 2010

Absolutely Accessories

I know it’s been awhile since we had any accessories, so we somehow felt that we had to make it up to you guys. And when we make it up to people, we do our best to make sure it’s done on a big scale. Hence, the many accessories you’ll soon feast your eyes on!
Get ready and be prepared to be spoilt for choice! ;)

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First and foremost, let me just shamelessly talk about how gorgeous these Forever 21 hairbands are!
Next, let me shamelessly wow you with a few hairbands that we have, that is totally inspired by them. :)

A pretty white fluffy feather, with a few black tails and a shiny bronze pendant. A must have should you feel your hair bare and need a little pick me up! An otherwise would be delicate feather hairband, made totally funky and edgy with this bright orange pendant!
white feather (sold)
free size

Okay, can I just again shamelessly say that our beaded hairband’s better than the one from F21. Why? Cos ours has a bow to it, that makes it funner (that’s not a word is it) and even more adorable than theirs! A pretty piece this one is! And in case you’re not quite sure how to wear a bow hairband, click here for a few ideas! ;)
white (sold)
black (sold)
red (sold)
free size

Black is a staple. Black is a must. A black bow and black roses on your hair, a total head turner for sure! Tho the roses and bow is a little large, the fact that is black make sure it doesn’t overpower any of your outfits but instead compliments it! Plus, it’s black! No one can go wrong with black! :) Unless, you’re a certain friend of mine who somehow thinks that it’s okay to wear stripes and polka dots together. You might think, hey it might look funky. I assure you, that particular outfit looked nothing but a fail! ;)
big black bow (sold)
two black roses (sold)
free size

If all these pretty little pieces aren’t quite your thing, or hey, maybe you just like a variety in your closet (I know I do!). These velvet studded hairbands are the one for you! :) Without the studs, it would be an otherwise ordinary hairband, with the studs it turns into a pretty amazing headpiece I say! If you can’t decide what colour to pick, let me just say this, if you have black hair go for the brown, if you have brown hair go for the black. Why? So that it won’t blend in and it’ll stand out! :)
black studs (sold)
brown studs (sold)
free size

Done with the hairbands. Onto rings!
Large vintage rings! Okay, they’re not that large but they do certainly give off a very classic vintage charm to it. Ah, love it to bits! Intricate details. Pretty beads. Shiny stones. How can you not be in love with them? I’ll tell you a secret, when I see things that bling, I do go a little wild! But how can you not! They’re shiny and pretty! :)
Do note that there’s only 1 piece of each design for this set. So get’em while you can!
scarlet (sold)
bloom (reserved)
frame (sold)
free size

Bulat-bulat. You know, come to think of it I shoulda named these rings bulat-bulat instead! I don’t know why but whenever I look at them, I also go in my head bulat-bulat. A flat bulat-bulat ring with wave like texture. In 2 basic colours of silver and gold. Which bulat will you pick? :)
silver (sold)
gold (sold)
free size

Last but not least, pretty princess rose rings! When I saw them, tried them on, admired them on my hand I fell so in love with them! Aren’t they the prettiest things you’ve ever seen! Sometimes, a picture is worth more than I can say about them, so I’m gonna leave you with just these 2 photos and let you imagine all the outfit possibilities you could wear with this ring!
Psst: goes well with our current floral trend. ;)
black (sold)
cream (sold)
purple (sold)

And that’s all for today folks!
Hope you love these amazing accessories, cos I know I do! :)