Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We start fires

Not that I encourage fire starting in anyway of course. But sometimes, when you walk down the street you would like to just turn a few heads and maybe spark a few small flames. :)

Remember this dress that I was absolutely crazy about on Facebook? Well, I didn’t buy it of course (it’s 60pounds! that’s RM300!), so instead I scourge high and low (maybe not that low. Tall people very hard to bend low okay!) and found this lovely substitute instead!

Made of the softest chiffon with satin trims, a slimming waist this dress just simply whispers into your ears, Buy.Me. And so I bought it! :)
The slim structured waist that hugs you before flowing down into a cascading waterfall of chiffon that moves as you move, this dress is absolutely Grecian, absolutely lovely. And is it even necessary for me to add that this dress is made of top notch material, has a hidden side zipper and an elastic back. 
There was a lovely electric blue for this dress, but unfortunately it got sold out at the bazaar already. Boos indeed. For more photos, and to see the electric blue dress that never made it, please click here! :)
nymph green (sold)
midnight black (sold)
snow white (sold)
free size

Here we have a lovely bubble chiffon bottom and a shiny sequined bust. Wear it with straps, wear it without, this dress is sure to turn heads everywhere you go.When I first saw this dress, I must admit I fell in love with all the colours instantly! The simple basic black that goes with just about everything. The lovely pristine white that screams innocence. The bright funky pink that is oh-so-me! The ferocious red that makes you go roar! And lastly, the lovely aquamarine that twinkles like the ocean. So this is love.
pop pink (sold)
ice white (sold)
seafoam (sold)
coal black (sold)
firestarter red (sold)
free size

As much as we would like to be dressy all the time, sometimes the occasion (not that there should be any reasons not to dress up!) or sometimes just the weather gets a little too hot and humid for you. Here are 2 deliciously dressy but casual outfits. :)

Your simplest, most insanely basic bubble tube dress. I am totally in love with the entirely smocked upper part, from your bust down to your waist that makes my otherwise non-existent chest, EXIST! As well as the way it flares into a fun kitschy bubble hem! Previously I am not much of a fan of bubble skirts, but after these 2 dresses, I AM A CHANGED WOMAN! Roar! Another plus about these basic dresses is that because it is so simple and basic, you can totally layer heaps and heaps and heaps of jewellery that I can never pull off cos according to my BFF aka POP, I have cancer patient wrist. Boos for me. But YAY for those who can, so wear’em chunky for me! :)
bubble white (sold)
bubble blue (sold)
bubble grey (sold)
free size

Web Web
Remember these pieces? Well, guess what! We found another similar piece! :)

Notice how the previous pieces were a little more girly, with the adorable rose and the lace? Well, these are it’s funky sisters! Okay, that sounded really bad, but you get my drift right. :) Am loving the semi high-waisted skirt with it’s 3 sexy golden buttons! The large graphic printed lips and the simple inkblotted WOW! And again, because I love things that you can wear many times and many ways, the top and bottom of this piece are separate!
Hooray for 2 different looks for the price of 1!
wow! (sold)
black lips (sold)
white lips (sold)
free size

And that’s all for now. :) Do check out our side panel to find out more about which bazaar we’ll be at!
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