Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oscar Inspired

If you haven't already seen photos of the Oscar's Red Carpet, here's a little link to get you to it. :) Click here and be in absolute awe of all the stunning dresses! Absolutely to die for.
And if you guys noticed, all the dresses are mostly basic square tubes tops or romantic sweetheart necklines draped with soft blow me away materials or pretty little laces!
Soft, romantic tube dresses are totally the way to go at this year's Academy Awards! And what's not to love about them? Tube totally enhances your sexy shoulders, soft romantic fabric draped around you softening and making you look totally ethereal.
Ah, there's no words to describe love.

A what would be ordinary soft pink dress made edgy with awesome black lace coupled with black and white polka dots just under the bust and streamlined from the hips down. The material is comfy, stretchy and is equipped with a hidden back zipper as well. Tho the dress is divinely figure hugging, the stretch in it allows you to walk normally, as opposed to those where you have to take mini steps which will get you nowhere!
light pink (sold)
free size

The perfect jacket for covering up during presentations or work! Especially with our latest trend of wearing our inner wears outside! Am totally loving the soft stretchy material, faux pockets and simple single button. Not to mention, this jacket will definitely keep you warm in your otherwise freezing office/college. ;)
grey (sold)
free size

If I haven't harped enough on the tube and sweetheart necklines being worn at the Oscar, then let me say it just this one more time... :) Not only are wearing your insides out (okay, that somehow sounded wrong... but we'll let it slip.) tubes and sweetheart necklines with romantic flowy materials are totally in! Not only are they sexy, they are divinely feminine!
This basic corset is insanely versatile, wear it alone, over a prim buttoned down shirt, a simple singlet, your options are endless! Or you can just dress it up with this chiffon flowy skirt that conveniently comes with a straight cut inner lining so you don't have to worry about your insides being shown as you gracefully spin and twirl!
pure white (sold)
light pink (sold)
basic black (sold)
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black (sold)
white (sold)
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Ps: We'll be at the Pick n Grab Bazaar this Saturday & Sunday! So do drop to look, touch, see, feel all the lovely items! See you there!