Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everyday ready

What with it being super duper insanely humid and warm lately, I just had to find perfect dresses for the weather. Why dresses? Well, when you’re feeling particularly hot and sweaty the last thing you would wanna do is pull on a pair of pants. Don’t ask me why, but as J.K. Rowling so aptly wrote in Goblet of Fire, ‘I like a healthy breeze round my privates, thanks.’ Not quite how I remembered it, but it conveys the message exactly!
In this kinda weather, not only is it too hot to put on a pair of shorts, but it also kinda makes you feel sleepy and drowsy. And when one is sleepy and drowsy the last thing they would wanna do is think of a top and bottom to match! Hence, these awesome, affordable, easy, breezy dresses!

Okay, you must be wondering why these dresses are called Parisian Stripes. Well, as my BFF AKA POP was dressing me in them with the hat, the scarves, the belt, the bag and the shoes. I had this sudden vision of me sitting at a cafe in Paris, an artsy-fartsy book on my lap and coffee on my table. Enough about my daydream, on to details of the dress! Twisted straps, wear it up or down to show off your shoulders. 2 totally functional exposed zipper pockets on the sides, to slip your wallet, phone, keys or your hands in. A flattering elastic waist and last but not least, short breezy above the knee length!
grey+black (sold)
teal+brown (sold)
white+black (sold)
blue+brown (sold)
free size

You guessed it! Pretty vintage prints! In an oh-so-adorable cut! Round scoop neck, flattering nip it at the waist band and a soft flowy skirt. Four pretty little muted to-die-for prints. Oh, how will I pick! To be absolutely honest, I just can’t. They all secretly call out to me! Best part, you can wear them with sandals, flats, wedges and even fun retro polka dotted shoes! Or if you feel like going for a picnic, carry a large insanely oversized rattan -is that what it’s called?- bag with a giant bow, big floppy wide brim hat and you’re ready for a very fashionable picnic.
fallen leaves (sold)
autumn daisies (sold)
soft spring (sold)
fall flowers (sold)
free size

Little black dress. But with studs! Not equally on both sides. But just on one! A figure hugging dress, made from thick cotton and carefully studded on the left. A pretty sweetheart neckline keeps the dress from being to plain and the studs just seem to follow each and every curve of your body, enhancing that hourglass silhouette of yours! Wear it with leggings, wear it without, wear it with boots, wear it with pumps! The options to this edgy dress are endless!
black (sold)
grey (sold)
free size

Lastly, accompanying accessories. :)
A skinny skinny 1cm only belt! With a gold buckle and gold belt holes. A skinny belt is a must have for every closet! Wear it around the waist, on your hips or hey, if you’re creative enough you can even use it as a bag handle. ;)
black (sold)
pink (sold)
free size

Scarves to keep those sexy shoulders of yours warm. Should the weather decided to become a little too breezy, wrap any of these super soft scarves around your shoulder to be fashionably warm.
mute (sold)
checked (sold)
zebra (sold)
free size

And so this post is done, and now I can rest a little before watching Alice in Wonderland tonight! YAY! :)