Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chasing the sun

Why chasing the sun you ask? Well, what started off as a really bright clear day, soon became a clear, cloudy, clear, cloudy day. So in order to get these outdoor photos, we literally ha d to chase the sun! When the sun is out, we ran out and snapped as much as we could; when the sun’s been shaded, we waited patiently for it to appear.

Okay, not that my house is anything like the Hamptons, but the clothes and the mood for the day just reminded me of Sex & the City where they were lazing about at the Hamptons just chilling. Ah, to be in New York and fabulous! A pretty structured dress in the most yummiest of colours! Bright, bold gold, soft pastel lilac and never fail you black. What is totally awesome about this dress, is the fact that it is so effortlessly chic and classic. Simple straight straps, slight bust detailing, nipped at the waist faux belt and the not too revealing above the knee length! Beautifully simple. Not to mention that the quality and material of this dress is just totally worth it!
gold (sold)
lilac (sold)
black (sold)
free size

A simple cotton dress with faux buttons at the bust and delicate prints to match! Love how the way the dress cuts just under the bust to hide to stomach. Though of course I’ve had guy friends who complain that the dress makes you look pregnant, but if you’re having one of your fat days, why would you want to wear anything tight! Ah, they will never understand our need for tummy flattering cuts!
checks (sold)
bolt (sold)
spots (sold)
anchor (sold)
free size

A lovely toga dress with a twist strap, sexy functional zipper pockets and short short length! What’s not to love! Especially tailored for the insanely hot weather that’s been plaguing us these past weeks! Wear it with leggings, heels, flats, and sandals! Dress this simple dress up with scarves and a sexy pleather bag or just wear it along in all it’s simplicity.
black (sold)
grey (sold)
white (sold)
blue (sold)
free size

I is can tempt you with a Forever 21 inspired polka dot dress? Yes. :)
forever 21 seeing spots dress 24.80

Our shameless incredibly affordable version.
We’re evil. We know. ;)
A pretty definitely Hampton’s ready satin polka dotted dress! Loving the sexy mid thigh cut, slim satin belt that hugs the waist and lovely v-neckline. No words can describe how much I really love this dress! It’s totally adorable and totally classy! A pair of black pumps, wide brim hat and a pretty bag and you’re set to take over the Hamptons! Or in our case, probably the mall or a lovely Sunday brunch. ;)
white (sold)
black (sold)
navy (sold)
s & m

An awesome possum 2 pieces outfit! Because this is actually a set of top and bottom, I didn’t know whether to classify it under top, bottom or dress. And so, under the invaluable advice of my BFF aka POP, I decided to just classify it under top! So what you’re getting basically is 2 different outfits! Or at least, the option to make it 2 different (or more) outfits! An otherwise basic tank top made quirky with a black rose, and a mini lace skirt.
Ah, don’t you just love 2 for the price on 1’s. :)
black+white (sold)
black+black (sold)
white+black (sold)
free size

And that’s all for now! Maybe one day I’ll be able to get all dressed up for the Hamptons, until then imagination it is. :)