Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perfectly edgy

Alright, I know the weather isn’t exactly COLD lately, but that don’t mean our lecture halls and CINEMAS aren’t! I always hate it when I’m dress for the heat I enter a shopping mall and it is downright FREEZING! Well, I guess I deserve it for attempting to wear singlet and shorts out shopping! So because of the sudden shift in weather, I mean temperature, I have found the perfect fashionable Cold Weather Temperature Companion! :)
Oh, and did I mention that it is absolutely perfect if you happen to be visiting a REAL cold country as opposed to our artificially freezing malls. :)

Grey Polyester. Well, originally there was black as well but that unfortunately already got sold out at the bazaars. But no worries, the grey has a totally different take compared to black in a sense if you already have plenty of black and white in your closet (I know I do!) this grey piece will take your simple black or white top and give it that edgy chic look!
polyester grey (sold)
free size

One thing about these jackets, they are highly highly and did I say highly versatile! You can wear it over jeans & tees, over a pretty floral dress, a chic short dinner dress, oh the possibilities are endless! Not to mention, who doesn’t secretly want to dress up as a badass biker chick! ;)
pleather black (sold)
free size

Ah, if jackets aren’t your thing, then this pretty pleather vest is just the one for you! Throw it on over any outfit for an instant chic look. Or hey, you could even wear it alone! The armholes aren’t too low so you don’t have to worry about your bra being on show! Wow. I rhymed. ;)
pleather black (sold)
free size
If you find that the jackets and vest are a little too hard or tough, you can always easily just pair them up with this pretty laced up body con skirt! ;) Slim cutting, figure hugging, skims just over your hips, cut just above the knee, pretty lace cut and streamlined to wrap your figure perfectly. Perfectly edgy.
lacey grey (sold)
lacey blue (sold)
free size

Click here for more pictures of our favourite celebrities chic-ing their outfit up with Pleather Polyester Pieces! :)
And just in case, you aren’t quite sure how else to dress up your pleather, here are MORE photos to inspire you!

“Admittedly, many of these jackets are a little pricey, but just remember this should be an investment piece you wear for years. It’s all about price per wear!'”
An awesome quote from
And hey, at RM65 you will definitely be getting your price per wear! ;)

Ps: Look out for something really exciting happening next week. Also, see you this Saturday at Subang Parade from 11am-9pm!