Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mod Madness

Currently, I am going through this massive Mod Madness phase. First of all, I absolutely love and adore Twiggy. Her slim frame, her large eyes and boyish looks totally appeal to me. Not to mention the mini dresses that is made to show off your lovely long legs. The colours that pop, as well as the structured fit of the dresses is enough to make me swoon.
Anyways, enough of my love for mod and Twiggy, I sincerely hope you will love these dresses as much as I do cos you know what, they are pretty damn awesome!

Notice the elastic behind to ensure the dress hugs your figure perfectly. :)
If you're daring and have royal blue pumps, by all means wear them with the yellow and really Pop! Damn, time for me to find a pair of gorgeous blue pumps! There's something about this dress that you know will be a timeless and classic piece that you can wear to work (throw on a fitted jacket), for dinner (hold a pretty clutch) or just a perk me up for when you're having a blue day. Yellow after all is the colour of happiness and sunshine! :)
For the black, hey! It's the colour of versatility isn't it! Mix and match it with anything you want! Look fabulous at a funeral ala Sex and the City with a large wide brim hat and black heels, or just wear it simple with leggings, heels and funky accessories!
sunshine yellow (sold)
timeless black (sold)

Remember this? :)
It's back! With 2 NEW AWESOME colours!
Ah, the infinity dress. What more do I really need to say. One dress a million different ways! Now in 2 bright pop colours! Am totally loving the 2 new colours as they make the dress totally wearable for a fun day out with pretty ballet flats or strappy espadrille wedges! Oh, and if you've got a dinner function at night, just change up the dress a little slip on a pair of killer heels, grab a glitzy clutch and you're ready to go!
This dress is restockable, but extremely limited. Hurry! Get your infinite dress before it's all sold out!
timeless black (sold)
funky purple (sold)
pop pink (sold)
free size

Ps: Not only are they perfect for Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day, they're also perfect for every other occasion! Gotta love the versatility. ;)