Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mad Rush

Okay, those of you who are still looking for CNY/Valentine's Day outfits say AYE!
Well, not really anymore. Not since I found these dresses! Now the only problem is, which will I keep? Ah, the torments of being female.We never know which to pick, especially when they all look so good! So in an attempt to make our lives easier, we always just get a few! Hey, after all you'll wear them eventually! ;)

Lovely, lovely to the core.
The perfect dress to start your Chinese New Year. Why you ask? Well, firstly the dress is designed and cut to be a little loose so when you eat all yummylicious food there will be no tummy bulges. Secondly, the top of the dress is cut to show of your slim sexy shoulders and the bottom of the dress is just short enough to show a little leg. Lastly, the dress comes equipped with 2 totally functional pockets! Perfect for slipping those little angpows in. :)
So when you have a dress that hides your bulges, shows off your shoulders & legs and is totally functional with 2 hidden side pockets. What more can you ask for? Except of course for the lovely satin that this dress is cut from. Ah bliss.
royal blue (sold)
royal black (sold)
royal white (sold)
royal pink (sold)
free size

A dress that needs no other description except Boomz! haha Yes, I have been watching Miss Ris Low, but hey gotta admit she's hilarious! ;)
Lovely boatneck cut top with itsy bitsy teeny tiny sequins sewn closely onto it. Truly a dress that is sure to turn heads as the light reflects of the sequins to give a Shingz effect. :) Honestly, if you don't have a sequined dress yet, it's time for you to own one and bring out your inner diva! Because we all wanna feel and look fabulous!
Unfortunately, the black got sold out at the bazaar on Sunday, but it was just too gorgeous not to post up. Boy am I regretting I didn't keep a piece. Shingz.
shimmery black (sold)
shimmery white (sold)
free size

And who says only Miss Ris Low can wear animal prints! There are many ways to wear animal prints, one is to actually have the prints resemble the prints of the animals, for example leopard, zebra prints. However, not many people want to be a walking safari or even being dubbed as an aunty (remember back in those days, only aunty wore animals). Anyhoos, this dress is the perfect blend of safari and minimalism. There is no way you can go wrong with black or white. Especially not in this lovely snake skin shimmery print. I know there are people out there who just don't like snakes, but there's something about their skin that softly shimmers everytime they move. Simply simple.
This dress is recommended for petites, however non-petites can always just throw on a pair of leggings or wear a skirt over it. :)
snakeskin black (sold)
snakeskin white (sold)
free size

Mod Madness! More Mod! More Mod! Even if you're not a fan of mod, there's no denying that this dress is definitely a good invest if you're the kind that likes to go for buffets (cough-me-cough)! The reason is that this dress is sexy, note the short mini skirt hem, but it also covers up your tummy perfectly. So should you choose to go for a binge on Tuesday's at Swensen's, this dress is the dress for you! Not only will you look pretty as you step in, people will be oh-ing and ah-ing, wondering to themselves 'damn, how does this girl keep her figure. Didn't she just finish half an Earthquake?'. ;)
And if the lovely black and white hasn't won you over yet, check out Kate Moss in a simple white dress!
peekaboo black (sold)
peekaboo white (sold)
free size

Why Daisy Duke you ask? Because my BFF insists that it is like Daisy Duke (must be the cowboy plaid), except for the matter of the fact that Daisy Duke only wears tanks and short short short denim shorts. Short. Anyhoo, first Daisy Duke dress. Adorable halter neck denim plaid dress! Heart shape bust that emphasizes, a waist line that hugs perfectly and finally the skirt which flares into the prettiest of plaid. This dress is perfect for any a hot day out! And boy do we have many hot sunny days!
prime (sold)
mandarin (sold)
free size

Daisy Duke 2. Meet the perfect picnic dress! Thin spaghetti straps good enough to eat. Slim figure hugging bust and waist with totally functional buttons so if the weather is feeling humidly hot (like it always is) feel free to unbutton a few to let it cool you down. Three lovely tiers that poofs into the daintiest of skirts. Perfect for running around barefoot through soft green grass or hiking them skirts up and dipping your toes into the cool chilly rivers. Ah, what a perfect afternoon. :)
prime (sold)
pastel (sold)
free size

Peplum dress. Thought you've seen it all haven't you! Not this! Not in three lovely pretty colours. Doesn't it just totally scream asos.com to you! The pretty detailed bust, the structured waist, the high waist peplum and the slim cut skirt. Ah, this dress is to die for! It is one piece that was made just to turn heads! Perfectly structured and perfectly edgy!
red (sold)
black (sold)
silver (sold)

Meet the little red dress & the little black dress! If you don't already own a little dress of any sorts, this one might be the perfect one for you! Comes in slim fitting, curve and bottom enhancing cut as well as two fabulous colours! Siren red & siren black! Am loving the little cinch at the waist, the foldover details at the bust and lastly, little mini train attached to the skirt.
Short & sassy is the way to go with this dress! Perfect for CNY/Valentine's Day or anytime you want to paint the town red!
siren red (sold)
siren black (sold)

And so, that concludes the Mad Rush Collection! If you haven't gotten your outfits already, well what are you waiting for! Click Buy Me below the post to take these beauties home and call them your own! :)