Sunday, January 31, 2010


24 is the new 18. Or so I tell myself anyone. Just yesterday as I reached home after doing a COD, I heard my mom call my brother and sisters loudly to collect their pocket money and suddenly I felt, 'Gasp! I miss those days where I was still collected pocket money.' It was just one of those things you looked forward to at the beginning of every month.
And because I turned 23 last month, I have been going thru a mini-mid-life crisis. No, I joke. There are no crisis's are happening, just that I will never be 18 again.
But hey just because you can't turn back time doesn't mean we can't still indulge in fun graphic printed hoodies or layered rara skirts! Age after all, is just a number. ;)

Ah, the classic 2 pockets zipper hoodie but now with a twist! Playful and fun graphic prints within the hoodie! The material is soft, the cutting just right. Perfect for those cold days in college or a cold date in the cinema. Goodness knows our college classrooms and cinemas are always freezing!
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Velvet outside, satin inside, lace bottom. :)
Rara skirts. I absolutely love them! But how can you not! They're short and fun! Short that they show off your lovely legs, fun that when you spin it twirls! One of the best things about rara skirts is the they are highly versatile. Wear them with tanks, tees, hoodies, cardis, long sleeve, short, no sleeves! They all go! So if you don't already own one, or if you're like me and own about a gazillion, what's one more! :)
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Ps: For those of you in KL, HAPPY FEDERAL DAY! :)