Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lace leather and studs

Right now, I'm completely crazy about grunge meets soft look. So you will be seeing alot of pretty little pieces mixed up with some crazy rough and tough pieces to create the perfect balance of pretty and tough.
Oh, how I love to mix and match. To wear something that doesn't look like it would go together, but in reality are the perfect combo. Kinda like a Ying and Yang thing.
But anyways, enough of yingyangs. Onto FASHION!

Nothing would go with the wicked pair of boots better than these lovely pretty lace detailed dress! The material of this stretch is incredibly soft to the touch, stretchy and meant to hug every curve in your body. It's such a shame the camera can't capture the lovely lace details.
Comes in 3 lovely colours. Black is a classic, midnight blue is different and pink is just well, I LOVE pink. So I'm partially biased to that colour. Gotta constantly remind myself to be objective to ALL colours! :)
code: d0053
black (sold)
dark blue (sold)
pink (sold)
size: free size

price: rm49

Studs. Studs. Studs. Have you gotten enough of them yet? Cos well, I sure haven't! Especially when it's embellished on this lovely soft faux leather bag. The material of this bag is to die for. It's so soft and smooth you can betcha' the quality of this bag is top notch! Not only that, it's got a small front pocket for your phone, a zipper back compartment and lots of small compartments in the bag itself as well! Best part, the bottom of the bag can be opened up to make it bigger!
Gasp! What more can you ask! High quality studded sling/clutch/handbag with a multitude of pockets! It'll be a real head turner for sure!
code: a0038
dark blue (sold)
black (sold)
size: free size

price: rm65

(Might be restockable. Just might. So if you don't wanna miss out, better grab it now!)