Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Heya! I'm doing this mini survey for my friend. She's thinking about launching her own line of statement/graphic tees and would like your help and opinion. So for every completed survey (you have to email me the answers), you will immediately get FREE postage for any items. Or you can just complete the survey out of supporting local art scene and the goodness of your heart. :)

So here we go!

Tee Q's.
1. Of the 3 tees which is your favourite? Why?
2. Of the 3 tees which is your least favourite? Why?
3. What colour would you like your tees to be?
4. What's the maximum you would be willing to pay for tees?
5. Additional comments.

Do click for a larger image.

Thank you!

Ps: Will also be launching an Aussie Spree soon, so keep a look out for that! Which will also be applicable for FREE postage (within Malaysia). :)