Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mini Smini Pre-CNY Post

As the title states, Mini Smini Pre-CNY Post.

Is where you're going too casual & too hot for a dress, but not wanting to look un-festive in shorts and a tee or just want a casual daytime look? Well, wear the tee but pair it with this gorgeous short skirt! That can also be a top! Wow-Wee!

Before we start, let's take a short trip down memory lane.

Remember this? Meet her shorter, non-patchwork-but-still-gorgeously-floral, non-bunchable sister! For those of you who manage to buy this piece (lucky you!), the below piece is exactly the same cutting and material except for the non-bunchable & shorter part.

An array of colours to choose from. Comfy, cooling, cotton material (gotta say, this material is definitely one of my fav's!).
Wear it as a... Top? High waist bottom? Low waist bottom? Dress (possible if you're short enough. lucky things!)? So many ways to wear, so little time!
Also, am currently obsessed with giant bows in front, that's why I've tied the bows really giantly and really in front (bows reminds me of christmas pressies!). :)
Need I say more? Hurry grab it before it's gone!
Comes lined, with a side zipper and smocked back.
code: b0005
purple tulips (sold)
bluebells (sold)
black dahlia (sold)
mandarin orange (sold)
blue viola (sold)
poison ivy (sold)
bells of ireland (sold)
pink carnation (sold)
size: free size

price: rm45

Tees, tube & off shoulder top available here & here! :)