Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tees

Heya! I'm back from my trip and have brought loads of imported 1 piece only goodies for everyone! Please take note that these items are purchased overseas therefore are non-restockable.
Anyway, enough of boring talk.

Onto items! :)

Tee time.
Everyone is different. Everyone is individual. Say it loud and say it proud with these adorable tees. See someone you know in one of our tees? But also see yourself in one of our tees, well just get 2! After all, they're only RM29 each and RM50 for 2!
So which tee are you?
code: t0030
a - robot needs love (sold)
b - black sheep (sold)
c - white sheep (sold)
d - smurf love (sold)
e - green trees (sold)
f - red devil (sold)
g - white devil (sold)
h - hopping vamp (sold)
i - red hot (sold)
j - shark attack (sold)
k - disney disturbia (sold)
l - house party (sold)
m - show me love (sold)
size: free size

1 for rm29
2 for rm50

Recycle me now!
I'm sure you are all aware of the state our planet is in, global warming is a big issue. Stop accepting plastic bags when you go out shopping, instead take these wonderfully cute bags out instead! ;) Do your part for the environment, reducing waste has never been easier.
They all come with a small side pocket, and only polka dotted christmas has a different front and back.
code: a0033
a - elephant in paris (sold)
b - disco diva (sold)
c - merry-go-round (sold)
d - kitty cat (sold)
e - where am i (sold)
f - japanese rabbit
g - polka dotted christmas (sold)
size: free size

price: rm39