Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Black Red and White

Backs. Black. White. Bows. Red. Backs. White. Bows. Red. Black.
That's what this post is all about!
Backs. Bows. Black. White. & Red.

Backs are HUGE on
Here are a few pictures of backs! (Well, they were more but Malaysia being a little slow with fashion missed it. Sigh.)

L-R: Back1, Back2, Back3, Back4.

Next up! Bows!

L-R: Bow1, Bow2, Bow3, Bow4, Bow5, Bow6, Bow7, Bow8, Bow9.

Backs are amazing because they show skin, without showing skin. :) Look sexy, and not trashy. The great thing about is how they take such a simple casual top and totally dress it up with skirts, ribbons, tights, leggings and heels. So here it is, the casual peephole top. Waiting for you to Fab it Up! :)
Long basic cotton top with a cut-out back! Pair with any high-waisted skirt or pants, add a bow around your neck, put on some gorgeous killer boots and you're a walking model!
code: t0027
yellow (sold)
grey (sold)
white (sold)
size: free size

price: rm35

Accompanying sash/necktie/bow/belt/cincher etc.
Long sleeve cuffed necktie/bow/ribbon/belt etc. How would you wear this? The cutest part is that the buttons can be buttoned! Don't you just love versatility. Only Rm25 for so many things in one! Best part, you can wear any ol' office wear top and just tie the sash around your neck for a totally new updated look! Or wear it as a tie, for fierce corporate chic-ness. Just browse thru for more ways to wear it!
code: a0031
black (sold)
white (sold)
red (sold)
size: free size

price: rm25

Accompanying high-waisted skirt. :)
One can never have too many of these. Basic belted high-waisted skirt. Ends just above the knee, hidden back zipper, with back slit that makes it sexier and also easier to walk. :) Oh, did I also mention, it has to shallow pockets too! Probably best if you don't put anything valuable in there. Great if you just want a place to rest your hands! :)
code: b0003
s (sold)
m (sold)

price: rm45